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Avent Scooters was founded in Viet Nam in 2002, originating from a small workshop in the highland town of Lai Chau city - Viet Nam. Since then it has grown phenomenally with our own in house restoration, manufacturing, and online sales centres.

I for my pains, or sins, have been riding scooters long before the day I legally should have been. Over 40 years of riding, restoring, tuning, oh and falling off of them gives us a wealth of experience in the remanufacture of these icons of 60's style.

We bring classic scooters back to life, and with the use of modern newly manufactured and designed parts we say better than the day they came off the assembly line. That said these scooters can be a up to 50 years old so if you want a scooter with the original factory rivet that holds the floor runner in place and has the correct metallurgical properties, then you should think about looking elsewhere, and possibly seek medical attention.

We are not a race tuner, that is a black art best left to the specialists. We do however tune our own scooters in house to our specifications, whether itís the Polini 180 on our Vespa's for long distance cruising or the TS1 road tune on our Lambrettaís. If itís a full blown clutch lever hovering tune you want we are more than happy to advise you and point you in the right direction though.

This is why personally we donít like to say restored but thatís probably the best term for what we do. Our objective has always been to make the purchasing of classic Vespa and Lambretta scooters a simple task from ordering, custom design, shipping, DVLA/DMV DOT/MOT registration and after sales support, we are with you all the way.

The Avent Guarantee

Our policy is a simple one, we believe in providing the best possible vintage vespa, lambretta scooters without compromising on quality, service or support. Unlike some companies we are not a trader that says we can supply every model of every scooter, promise the earth and then not deliver or supply poor quality dangerous scooters. That is why we feel we are unique in our money back guarantee on orders, call it sale on approval.

So many people travel sometimes hundreds of miles to view a scooter only to be disappointed, have a wasted trip or feel they have to buy because they made all that effort. We take all that hassle out! Our money back guarantee means you donít have to leave your house, we can deliver your scooter to you for approval and if you donít like it we will give you your money back and take it away*. We can register/title, deliver and even build it to your specifications.

If you are new to owning a classic vespa, lambretta scooters we offer you the best advice on choosing what is right for you. In the scooter industry it takes long time to build a reputation, seconds to lose it; you can be safe in the knowledge we put our customer service first.

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